So happy so honoured <3

Hi folks! 


Just wanted to let you know that my song St. Petersburg off my new album 'this desolate bliss.' has been chosen as a semi-finalist in the Canadian Songwriting Contest - Adult Contemporary category!!! I couldn't be happier and more honoured to be chosen! 

This song was written after reading a passage from a book about human psychology and animal behaviours. It was a story of a crocodile names Cookie, who lived in the town of St. Petersburg Florida in the mid-seventies. Cookie lived in a zoo-like facility, owned by a man who thought of all the animals he owned as his children. One day, a man and his young child were looking at cookie when the man turned away for a moment to get some grapes to throw down at cookie. The child, who had been left on the retaining wall, fell into the enclosure with Cookie. Cookie, being a wild animal, saw live prey, and well, all I will say is it was a tragic ending for the little boy. The owner of Cookie was wracked with guilt that he went into the enclosure that night, shot Cookie, and closed the zoo down for good. The song I wrote speaks of the guilt you can feel and how it can ruin your life. 

I am deeply honoured that the jury at Canadian Songwriting Competition felt this song deserved to be in the semi-finalist category. 


Talk soon, my lovelies xoxox

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