A restful start to 2019

I am writing this from a small cabin studio in the mountains. I am here at the Banff Centre for a 3 week residency to create, explore, and be inspired. I am about half-way through, and I cannot tell you how incredible this time has been. Today is the first day here that I haven't spent hours working on music - be it practicing, learning new techniques, writing new songs, or just fiddling with gear. In between bouts of artistic indulgence I have met some pretty fascinating furry locals too   :-D 

It has been a real interesting experience settling in a spot that isn't my home, and devoting myself to my art. I have learned a lot about myself and what I do, and I can't be happier to share what I have created with you! 


Until then, please feast your eyes on these photos I have taken of the sunrise from my room, and the furry friends I have made <3 



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