Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I wouldn't consider myself a 'winner', in the conventional sense. I am not good at competing (I used to compete in martial arts when I was younger, but I never won, nor did I ever care). On June 29th, I won something! I won the Edmonton Music Award for "Indie Rock Recording" for my song "Window"!!! I literally jumped out of my seat and threw everything of my lap out of excitement. What an incredible moment and I am buzzing from it. This song - heck, the entire album - has been a labour of love for me and I am so happy it has been recognized as a "winner". Every single person who was involved in this album is integral to the success of it. I am so proud of their work and I am continuously happy how everything turned out. I am excited for the future - there are some surprises coming up as well :-) 

Until next time, here are a few photos from the night! 


Love you all,




That's me! Saying thanks to people and smiling like a pageant contestant...



And this is my real legit reaction once it really set in that I had won something :-) 


A fun photo of the afterparty that we got to play at! 


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