Welcome to a Winter Wonderland!

Oh that snow is a-falling, and I am a calling out 



Just kidding - I love the snow! I love it mainly because I get to wear cool hats. I played a great little outdoor show last weekend for the All is Bright Festival here in Edmonton, and it was a BLAST! Who knew an outdoor winter festival would be so hawt (I sure did - I love playing them!). 

I am going to be taking a little musical break from playing shows for the next little while - I am in a Christmas musical this year (I will post about that soon, promise) so I tend to focus on that during the holiday season. I have some surprises for the new year coming up that I am very excited to share with you, so please keep your eyes peeled for that :-) 

Until then, please enjoy the photo from my most recent show along with my own personal photoshop edit to it: 





It's almost too difficult to tell the two photos apart, isn't it? 


Much love from cold toes and a warm heart, 




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