I'm playing a weird kid in a play! (trust me, it's not a stretch...) 



I hope your Christmas / Holiday / Winter season is going real nice! I just want to let you know that I am performing in a little gem of a play called "The Best Little Newfoundland Christmas Pageant ... EVER!" here in Edmonton just in time for Christmas! It's a wonderful show that is hilarious and touching all at the same time.

If you are in town and interested in seeing it, click here to purchase tickets. The show runs from the 18th until the 23rd, and I must warn you tickets are flying so be sure to get them soon :-) 


Here are some pictures to entice you...














How could you not want to see me act like a weirdo in a play? I promise you you won't be disappointed!! 


Much love



Welcome to a Winter Wonderland!  

Oh that snow is a-falling, and I am a calling out 



Just kidding - I love the snow! I love it mainly because I get to wear cool hats. I played a great little outdoor show last weekend for the All is Bright Festival here in Edmonton, and it was a BLAST! Who knew an outdoor winter festival would be so hawt (I sure did - I love playing them!). 

I am going to be taking a little musical break from playing shows for the next little while - I am in a Christmas musical this year (I will post about that soon, promise) so I tend to focus on that during the holiday season. I have some surprises for the new year coming up that I am very excited to share with you, so please keep your eyes peeled for that :-) 

Until then, please enjoy the photo from my most recent show along with my own personal photoshop edit to it: 





It's almost too difficult to tell the two photos apart, isn't it? 


Much love from cold toes and a warm heart, 




Breaking In at BreakOut West :-)  



Fall has been a heck of a great time. I have been on tour for the first bit of October, and I have just landed in Kelowna for the annual Western Canadian Music Awards and BreakOut West Conference. I like to call it a reunion / summer camp for adult musicians / friend-city, but most people just call it a conference. 

I am playing a wee little showcase this Wednesday October 10th at Milkcrate Records in Kelowna and I would be ecstatic if you came by and said hello! After that show is done, I will be putzing about at the conference and watching awesome bands during the official BOW festival. 


What a time to be alive. 


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 

I wouldn't consider myself a 'winner', in the conventional sense. I am not good at competing (I used to compete in martial arts when I was younger, but I never won, nor did I ever care). On June 29th, I won something! I won the Edmonton Music Award for "Indie Rock Recording" for my song "Window"!!! I literally jumped out of my seat and threw everything of my lap out of excitement. What an incredible moment and I am buzzing from it. This song - heck, the entire album - has been a labour of love for me and I am so happy it has been recognized as a "winner". Every single person who was involved in this album is integral to the success of it. I am so proud of their work and I am continuously happy how everything turned out. I am excited for the future - there are some surprises coming up as well :-) 

Until next time, here are a few photos from the night! 


Love you all,




That's me! Saying thanks to people and smiling like a pageant contestant...



And this is my real legit reaction once it really set in that I had won something :-) 


A fun photo of the afterparty that we got to play at! 



I have been nominated for THREE Edmonton Music Awards! I am incredibly honoured and grateful for this recognition. 'this desolate bliss.' was created over a few years with many hours of passion-fueled labour. I am eternally grateful for my band, my producer, my pals, my partner, the other nominees, and the Edmonton music community at large. The awards will be handed out June 28th in Edmonton, and I cannot wait to see all my pals in one spot!  

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